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  1. Lost and found...

    "Mommy, Cinnamon isn't in the cage!" - this is the first thing I hear from my daughter "B" as soon as I go down stairs to check on the piggies this morning. I'm thinking oh she must be hiding SOMEWHERE in there and B just didn't see her... Well I go down to the cage with the veggies, and check all the hiding spots, and I can't find Cinnamon! My face =

    My daughter isn't allowed to take the piggies out of the cage, and even if she tried - Cinnamon is WAY too ...
  2. "My store bought cage is big enough..." UGH!

    I'm so sick of hearing people say that on this forum. I know a lot of these people are just ignorant but the ones who read all this information and still don't think their piggies need a bigger cage make me so angry!

    Obviously these people have never seen a guinea pig run zoomies and popcorn around their cage at 11:30pm at night, or 2am. I love it when I get to stay up at night, and I hear my piggies rushing around in their cage in the dark! But for once, I actually got to see ...
    Guinea Pigs
  3. My last night :(

    As I sit here, wasting away the last hour of my anniversary alone, I think about how much more alone I will be tomorrow night... Lily sits on the floor in her pseudo play pen, munching on hay (as she lays in it like queen of the hay pile!) and I realize that this is my last night with her here.

    As much of a pain this all has been, taking time to take Lily to the vet, cleaning her quarantine cage, making sure she takes ALL her meds every morning and night, weighing her every chance ...
  4. 5 years, so long but yet so short...

    Five years ago today I was going to bed alone for the last time, or so I hoped because on August 9, 2007 I married my husband. It's been five wonderful years and while I may go to sleep in an empty bed because he's deployed or training, he is still my wonderful husband and I love him dearly and look forward to growing old with him!

    I find it ironic how 5 years can seem like such a long time in one context, and such a short time in others. My daughter just turned 5 and I can't believe ...
  5. When it pours!

    Well, it's going to be another tight month around my house money wise. In addition to the expense of my husband driving down to AZ (gas and hotels) and paying for the vet bills of the guinea pig I'm piggy-sitting (and probably won't be reimbursed for), we're also out $700 for my car

    So basically last week my door (interior) handle on the drivers side of my car stopped functioning - if it were any other door this probably wouldn't be such an issue but it's a pain to roll down my window, ...
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