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  1. Devil Pig: Happy 1st Birthday

    YAY! September 6, 2012 was Lilly's first birthday (well when I estimated it to be!) I know im making this blog a little late, but better late than never!

    Heres her birthday video:

    I just want to say, I love you so much Lilly, I hope you had a great birthday. You have made my life so much better and I hope I have done the same to you! <3 I look forward to many more great years with me! You will always have a special place in ...
  2. Devil Pig: sleepy head

    Lilly also known as devil pig, loves to lay down with her feet kicked out. After some serious chowing down and running laps, she loves to get comfy in her bed. Here are some cute pigtures:
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  3. Devil Pig: Her weakness

    I have finally found Devil Pig's weakness. I can now get her to do whatever I want. One word: TOMATO. I now hold a tomato in-front of her face and lead her to a cuddle cup where I scoop her out. Then after I put her down from cuddling, etc. She takes her tomato, grunts, and runs away. She funny. So I have found her weakness, but how long until she realizes? She will catch on and change it, forcing me to find it all over again. Well... Im enjoying knowing what her weakness is... For Now...
  4. Meet Devil Pig

    This is a new set of blogs im starting along with the following: Vegetarian journal, Emily's, Ally's and Lilly's Adventures along with just random posts. So I present to you Devil Pig.

    Lilly is my Devil pig, that is her nickname by a few on this forum . Lilly is a naughty pig full of attitude but I love it and her. She is so spoiled. Her looks deceive her, she looks like a cute lil thing but she is feisty and full of spunky aby-tude.
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  5. Emily's Adventures: She has a big bum and she knows it

    So many of you know Emily, my big at girl, my mellow mallow, the foodie. Lets face it, she has a big butt and likes to strut it. When shes in heat she enjoys shoving her butt in the other pig's faces. she enjoys rubbing her butt on everything and when she finds something she likes she rubs her butt and wheeks, as if she is telling me what she thinks. Shes a mommy's girl. She constantly comes to the bars begging or attention, then I will put my hands in and she will hop in and I lift her up. she ...
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