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  1. Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 16 Part 2-- A Bit Of A Revision

    In page 16, I said I was going to leave. I was mad, sad, and confused.

    Now my head has cleared and I know what I am going to do.

    I will not be AS active as usual, but I will be posting here and there for people who need minor advice, and threads I deem not too "dramatic"

    And of course, I love chatting in the chat room, so that's a perk.

    Thanks to the wonderful @Paula who shot me a PM that kept me ...
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  2. Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 16-- An Accepted Apology, A Fresh Start

    If anybody has read any other parts of my blog, they would know somewhat how I feel.

    I want to help people around the forums, but I am finding it so hard.

    And today has been the hardest.

    I finally lost it today. I called a 13 year old's parent a word that will haunt me now for the rest of my life. It got me threatened with a moderated status, meaning my posts have to be looked at by a Moderator before they will be shown.

    And then I cooled down. ...
  3. Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 2-- The Vet Visit: Followup

    Hello everyone! Welcome to page 2 of Zuidy's Piggy Pages!

    Today's topic: The Vet Visit Followup

    So, we went to the vet on Wednesday, the 29th of February. The appointment went good!

    I have most of it outlined in a forum post. I will copy that here:


    So, everyone, yesterday was my piggie's first checkup!

    Nothing was wrong with the Guinea Pigs. I wanted them to get checked up just to make sure I have done a good ...
  4. Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 1

    Hello everyone!

    This blog may or may not get read, but I just thought it would be a good idea to get one started for a place for me to reflect. And, if it happens to be so, for others to do the same.

    So! This is Zuidy's Piggy Pages entry number 1. And, it is my first blog entry!


    Today's topic:

    ~First vet appointment~

    Tomorrow, the 29th of February, is going to be a busy day.

    My 2 wonderful ...

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