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  1. The life, And after.

    Iv seen a lot of in memory of lately.. it makes me sad.. but i thought id commerate a few truly spicle animals in my life.

    I have only had three animals ever die in my life.. both dogs. one we only had a year and he was only about a year old... When he was a puppy, someone threw him in a bag with all his brothers and sisters. the person toke a blunt object and beat the bag...threw it in the dumpster like trash and left. A little male puppy was the sole survivor, we called him Dumpster ...
  2. Embrace the piggie love

    soo my two girls Riley and Nibbler are getting along wonderful.. been threw a lot with those two little munchkins. although, I'm happy to report i have a successful bonded pair! i honestly was on the fence about it due to nibbler and the big ball of fierceness she thinks she is XD the only reason i think it work out if Riley has the attitude of.. "i dont really care who you are.. just dont bite me"

    Some big chances are gonna be happening to have little cavy family tho. ...
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  3. Animals i loved, love, and will love.

    Growing up I've always related to animals better than people. When I was around five my brother and and I begged our parents for a pet. My brother wanted a dog and of course I wanted a cat because it was different than what he wanted, our parents always told use no though. So, one day when my dad came home holding a little black mut puppy that fit in the palm of his hand, we where shocked. We decided to name her Kendra. Kendra grew to become something so special to me I cant really explain it in ...
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  4. C&C cage

    So i finally got the new cage up and going! It's a 2x5 for my little angles Riley and Nibbler. They seem to really enjoy it^^ and also i just switched to fleece bedding and bought pee pads to put under the fleece will that be enough?

    Id also like to let everyone know that iv had Nibbler for 6 months and i haven't seen her pop corn once... until i put the fleece bedding down! It was sooo cute! i just wanted to pick her up and give her a bunch of hugs and kisses. XD I also bonded Riley ...

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