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  1. Pretty Piggies diary1

    I have decided to make a little diary for my pigs!

    I love fridays. They are awesome. I usually get to go out to eat twice that day (any other day of the week I don't go out to eat), look forward to to the weekend and everything just seems great that day. Well, I had ran out of hay. So I went to a local petshop that's like five minutes away. They had giant bags of hay. All different sizes. And then my heart skipped a beat. They had Oxbow!!! I have only used kaytee, which is dry, brittle, ...
  2. Halloween Pictures!

    I love taking pictures! Sometimes, my pictures are alot better than others, and sometimes I go overboard on the editing. Yesterday I took halloween pictures of my pigs. I took about 15, but I edited 4 of them and I'd like to share them with you. Click image for larger version. 

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