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  1. YourSoJelly's Avatar
    Happy 1 year Pigaversary! Hi Penny!
  2. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    AWE!! Sheldon and Penny <3
  3. YourSoJelly's Avatar
    AWWW! Happy Pigaversary Penny! I hope you can get a Lenard, Raj, Howard, Bernadet, and an Amy Ferra Fowler friends too!
  4. T1ggerPigLuvur's Avatar
    Happy anniversary Penny! You are so adorable.

    I've probably said this before, but I LOVE their names... so awesome!
  5. Dahlia's Avatar
    yeah you are right ellisa. it sounds like the pet was a passing pleasure for the kids who wanted to show off to their friends. then, when all the friends had seen the pet, it was dumped. i havent ever "gotten rid of" an animal either and i dont intend to unless something unforseen happens.
  6. mufasa's Avatar
    I totally agree. I've never "gotten rid of an animal," and barring any crazy major unavoidable circumstance in my life, I never will. With the exception of Mufasa, all my piggies have been cast-offs, and it boggles my mind how something I love so dearly could have been worthless to someone else. We went through a month of force feedings and a big chunk of our vet fund in our attempt to save Borat, yet someone dumped him at a shelter with no more thought than it takes to toss away a piece of garbage. I'll never understand that mindset.
  7. Roo99's Avatar
    Cavyluvr-- I have a corner litterbox for hay as well, and my Griffin will burrow into the hay and lie under it. Then he'll just lie there and munch. Poor Toni has to wait for him to get out to get more than a few nibbles.
  8. Roo99's Avatar
    The first pic of just the piggies is precious! They're just like, "We can't believe that you're making us do something so silly and pointless when we have a fresh cage to explore!" My pigs are like that when I do photo shoots.

    Also, did they get their names from 'The Big Bang Theory'? That show is hilarious!
  9. Fizzlepop40's Avatar
    Aww, as usual!! I love the cage expansion, ellisa! Is Sheldon's eye getting better? Say "hi" to your pigs from me, ok?
  10. Raine59's Avatar
    I love that pic of the two of them together and their expressions. It's like they're saying, "All right, we'll sit still for your silly picture, but we better get something good out of this deal." LOL
  11. ellisa's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm quite in love with them!
  12. cibrown's Avatar
    Love the pictures! What cuties you have.
  13. cavyluvr's Avatar
    I have a large corner litter box for my girls hay and they love to jump in get underneath the hay and eat. Sometimes Lizzie will lay down underneath the hay while she's eating.
  14. ellisa's Avatar
    Aww, it sure must be fun to watch them and their different personalities!!
  15. kathlaaron's Avatar
    OH man that is just TOO ADORABLE. Thank you so much for sharing that with me ! Wow you are so blessed.

    Buttercup is not as affected with change ups in routine, not really much at all, actually. She is much more flexible, and doesn't seem to mind so much. My girls are complete opposites, in EVERY way. Cuddles has a more sensitive nature, a more temperamental disposition, you know ?
  16. ellisa's Avatar
    I never actually taught him to give kisses, they're more licks than actual kisses haha. It's pretty cute because I'll be giving him loves and rubs and then if I stop he'll start licking and then I'll continue scritches and once I stop again he'll start licking again! It's almost like "I'll give you love if you give me some!". It's really sweet though! I'm sorry about Cuddle biting you! Pedro used to bite really hard when he was young during nail clipping. Now he's excellent with it and just stays still! Guineas really do seem to hate change though! Today will be better for you! I know it!!
  17. kathlaaron's Avatar
    Wow, he is nearly 7 years old ?! Wow. You must have so much experience having a senior then ! He sounds sooooOOOooo sweet. Did you teach him to give kisses ? How did you teach him ?

    Thanks for the compliment, they are all just so precious, aren't they ? Though tonight I did something stupid with Cuddles.

    I didn't get a chance to clip their nails last weekend, and after getting Cuddles out for lap time tonight, I noticed her back nails were rather long, so I decided on "impulse" to clip a few. BIG MISTAKE. Cuddles finds GREAT comfort and security in routine and "knowing" when to expect something. As her Mama , I really should of known better! She bit me-- and HARD ! She pierced the skin, even. She hasn't done that- like that, in I don't know when ! She shocked me !

    Usually we do the nail cuttings, weigh ins, ear checks/cleaning on the weekend, during the daytime, all in one shot. She is usually better behaved than Buttercup is, about nail trims. Well lesson learned here ! She really is a sweetie though, please don't get me wrong...she just likes...needs...routine. So it was my fault, and I frightened her. Sorry to make this post so long...just been a rough day all around. Tomorrow will be better. "The sun will come out, tomorrow...tomorrow" Heeheee.
  18. ellisa's Avatar
    He's pretty much a Mama's boy!! He's slower now that he's getting older and not as active as he used to be, he's almost 7! He likes to be a silly ham sometimes and LOVES to wheek for his food, of course (they don't grow out of that, do they?? hahaha). I call him a little tonka truck because he bulldozes through hay and all his food! He really enjoys cuddles though! He loves to have scritches on his head between his eyes and ears and loves to give kisses! He also likes to chase my Shih Tzu's around the room From what I've read and the pictures I have seen, your girls are adorable, kathlaaron!
  19. kathlaaron's Avatar
    What is Pedro's personality like ?
  20. ellisa's Avatar
    Piggies are so cute and silly with their own little habits and personalities
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