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    Oh man ! I am SO SORRY that happened to you ! Oh man would my husband be in the dog house with me if he did that ! I can't believe HE got angry with YOU for something HE DID ! That would make me almost even MORE ANGRY !

    Oh honey...I am so sorry ! Joannes and hancock fabrics are having sales. Joannes solids are 5.39 a yard and some of their printed fleece is 6.99-9.09 a yard. Hancocks has a sale for some of their fleece which is for 6.49 a yard. Dollar stores are a great suggestion..I go there sometimes too, for smaller items.

    Warm wishes and hope you are able to find some really great bargains ! Kath
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    Aw, that stinks. I'm sure you'll get great stuff again and all U-Haul blankets will be nice.
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    Holy! I don't know WHAT I would do, but freak out! I know some people have fleece listed on Ebay for pretty cheap. Maybe if you find someone listed close to you, you won't have to pay that much shipping.
    Also, recently I put up an ad on asking for donations of stuff for guinea pigs, and lady answered and gave me a bunch of nice things for free. Maybe you could ask for donations of old fleece blankets., or something like that.
    And another thing, recently I found little fleece pet blankets, big enough to cover the floor space of 2x2 grids at Dollarama for 2 dollars each(I'm located in Toronto, it's a dollar store chain here). Maybe you could check out dollar stores near you to see if they have a small pet section.
    I think when you're shopping for fleece, just make sure it is 100% polyester and you'll be fine. I'm not sure if it matters if the fleece is winter fleece.
    Oh, and maybe look into purchasing a laundry bag just for piggy laundry :P I also found one of those at Dollarama for 2 bucks. God, I love dollar stores!
    Anyway, I hope this helped. And maybe down the road, when you have new fleece liners and such, you'll look back on this and laugh...
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    I just saw you had boys. I like the blue camo for $3.98. Goes off sale tonight at midnight. Want it wish I could buy it.
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    I got four pretty ones from Walgreens. Two white with pink hearts and two white with black zebra stripes. Either blizzard fleece or ...can't remember what the other kind is called.
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    Thanks for the tip. I am looking now. Do you happen to know what the difference is between winter fleece and regular fleece? I know I need to get polyester fleece but beyond that, I don't know. Those little cheapie blankets from Walgreens were a blessing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deb's4Pigs
    I just found one site fabric . com, they had a lot that looked cute.
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    I just found one site fabric . com, they had a lot that looked cute.
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    I remember seeing about a online feece site. Only Fleece? Fleece Online? I can't remember what it's called. Maybe do a search. Sorry I wish I could help more.

    That would piss me off beyond anything too.
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    My dogs love all the small animal poops. They think its candy.
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    Haha this sounds like my house! I have a little peruvian who is 3 or 4, im not sure, and when he poops my 2 year old dog likes to eat it...I dont understand it but he likes it, he's weird.
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    Ugh I hate cleaning my cage. Only because my guinea pigs make it challenging! They distract me, they make me pet them and snuggle with them and then they squeck for veggies! Oh who am I kidding I love cleaning the cage!
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    I feel the same way! I love the happy look on their face when they run around in a fresh, new cage!