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  1. Popcorn the mighty!

    Since so much has been about her sister lately, thought I would blog a bit about Popcorn. She is my loud, dominant, tempermental piggy. Over the 2+ months since we got her, things are on "her terms" she would fight being held, petted etc. I have been going slow with her. During "lap time" she would twist, roll around and just be jumpy about being petted etc. I have always been worried about her nipping me because she does nibble/bite from time to time.

    Last night ...
  2. Shadow and the ongoing abcess battle

    So I took Shadow to the vet on Friday to re-check the abcess under her neck. While it has shrunk considerably, the vet was still able to get puss out when she lanced it with a needle. So after 3 weeks now? Still have to keep doing the antibiodics, soaking, flushing, squeezing. I so want this to go away, she is such a trooper but I know this whole process is wearing on her. I know she also just wants to be back with her sister in one big, undivided happy cage.

    If you do not know the ...