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My Life As a Cavy Mom

The title says it all - I am a cavy slave and proud of it!
My name is Madyson, and I own two Cavies named Tuffy and Abu. They rule my life, and rock my world.(:
Soo. This blog is about the two little guys and how life works with them.
Hope you enjoyy the blog and have fun with your own Guinea Pigs, too!

  1. Possible [N e w] Piggy? \\ Updates!

    Hello there!
    It's been quite sometime, yes? Sorry about that, I've been super busy! Anyhow, I might be taking on a new rescue - who doesn't even have a name! Poor guy is owned by the same gal who gave me Abu...she's decided to get rid of her pigs! If only I could take them all in...

    Now for some updates on Abu and Tuffy! Tuffy has been growing out a just beautiful long coat. It's gorgeous!
    Abu has been great, too - always curious about everything; rarely a nervous ...
  2. R.I.P. Bear/Welcome, Tuffy!

    Such sad news has been brought to me yesterday. I woke up, and went straight to feed the piggies (I had a snow day yesterday!). I was planning on bringing Bear to the vet that day, as he wasn't feeling too well the day before. I picked him up, and he looked worse than the day before. On our way to the vet, something tragic happened to the poor little guy - Bear passed on. We don't know why he passed, or how he got sick. But all I know is that Abu is all well (although I'm positive he misses ...
  3. Long Time, No Type?

    Aha, yes, I would say so! I'm sorry that it's been so long, I've just not had the chance to get on here and update!
    Anyways, I took videos of Bear and Abu for Small Animal Channel's Camp Critter Introduction's. Bear, being his normal-self, was a bit shy. Abu was quite curious, wanted to investigate everything that was around him, as usual.
    Ermm. That would be today's little update. So long until next time!
  4. [H e l l o] World; This is Me and My Piggies/

    Hello to all! My name is Madyson (if you can't already tell). I have two cavies, named Bear and Abu. I will start off telling you about Bear, then Abu...

    Bear is a rescue case that I decided to take on from a friend. He's a year old, and is about 11 1/2 inches long! He can be pretty timid at times, depending on who he's with, but we are working on that!

    Abu is another rescue case from a (different) friend of mine. He's only about 4 months old, and was crowded in a cage ...

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