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  1. New Guinea Pig!!

    Today we went and introduced Maggie Mae to Indra (I decided to keep her name after all).

    We adopted her from the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue which couldn't have been a more helpful and rewarding experience.

    Since quarantine had already been done we did an introduction there. I really trust the care and procedures of the rescue so I felt this was safe.


    Updated 03-08-10 at 12:28 am by MaggieMae (Guinea Pig Name Change)

  2. So excited!

    Oh, I'm so excited I get to make a blog entry!

    Well anyway, I am waiting for my phone interview with Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue!!

    I have also inquired about Cookie!

    My boyfriend and I are VERY excited about this. I am working on a guinea pig budget so I can have things ready for two guinea pigs versus one once everything is all worked out. I hope I get accepted so Maggie can have a new friend! I think she really needs one. This morning she sat at the top of ...