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  1. Fern!

    Yay! I just got my 2nd piggie named Fern. She is very pretty she's grey and white and has hair EVERYWHERE! haha im so excited!
  2. Questions about a 2nd pig!

    Hi guys! So i'm super excited because i'm geting a 2nd pig finally!!! But i have some questions so if you could help thanks a ton!

    1. How long do you have to keep a guinea pig in quaritine?
    2. Is a 2 by 4 cage big enough for 2 female guinea pigs?
    3. My guinea pig is very upbeat and curious but dosn't like to be picked up. So what kind of personality should my 2nd pig have?
    4. Can you list some good girl names.
    5. And last where should I introduce the pigs ...
  3. Trying to get a 2nd pig!

    Hi guys! So I have one guinea pig her name is willow and I love her very much I would love to get another piggie but there's a problem... my mom. She dosn't think willow needs a friend even though pigs are social and NEED another pig. But my mom is so stubborn she says she dosn't need a friend and that I need to stop complaning. But i know willow would be so much happier so can you guys help I really need suggestions. Thanks