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  1. Yelena's Avatar

    My first hamster never let me touch her but my second one was ace. I didn't need to train him, the first day he came out his box and snuggled into the large pocket on the front of my jumper- practically lived there ever since

    Brilliant little creatures
  2. animallover2424's Avatar
    Yayayay for Coco! I hope my hamster won't take that long to tame! (getting one next week!!!)))
  3. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Yup thats them!

  4. ameyjaney's Avatar
    Have fun, you'll be entertained immensely. On radio one the other day, someone was interviewing Jay-Z and he had even heard of them. Hmm, wonder if they'll do ghostbusters?
  5. scarlett's Avatar
    They're those twins that Simon Cowell is so fond of? LOL. Have a fun time!
  6. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Yay for coco the hammie!
  7. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Tilly and Alice are the youngest so they HATE (with passion) getting their nails clipped.
  8. Catayn's Avatar
    My boys don't care about nail clipping either. I think they already got the idea that it is not an option.
  9. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Oops. I spelted Avatar wrong. Sorry everyone!
  10. Spoto27's Avatar
    It looks awesome. My dad went to see it in 3D and loved it. He tried tricking us into seeing it again!
  11. 1frankie7's Avatar
    aww poor piggy! But she's okay now.
  12. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Alice got out today when I was in school! She must have pushed the grid and it moved because I don't have cable ties on it.( I got them today ) The poor little thing was screaming her head off cos she didn't know how to get back in!
  13. 1frankie7's Avatar
    Aww, I'm sure your girls are happy!
  14. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    I'm going to see it again on the weekend
  15. twilightwheek's Avatar
    My family and I saw it Chrsitmas day. It's an amazing, colorful, beautiful movie! I loved it.
  16. Tessa Bea's Avatar
    I've seen Avatar twice, once in 3d and once in normal. Loved it!
  17. Peggysu's Avatar
    I've seen it twice. I took my parents to see it last friday afternoon and the place was packed still. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  18. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Tilly and Alice are now happily living in a 2x6 with Milly and Molly Just thought to give a update
  19. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Yeah I checked and the woman bought them to the vet to make sure aswell
  20. Seonta's Avatar
    I'd check the gender if you could before you got them. But you probably already knew that.
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