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  1. Jedward Tickets :D

    I just got tickets for me and my friend to see John and Edward!
    Its on in April, in Dublin.
    Within a half an hour from being open to sell , they were sold out!
    I can't wait!
  2. Yay! I tamed my hamster!

    I finally tamed Coco!
    And all it took was 5 and a half months
    I thought he would never trust me!
    I am so happy!
  3. Nail Clipping

    Yay! I finally got the courage to clip Milly and Mollys nails! They are a bit long so I have to clip a bit everyday. I clipped most tonight and fed them veggies when I was doing it. They didn't even make a fuss! And when I put them back in their cage, they popcorned and ran laps around the cage! It most of been a relief for them. I'm so happy!
  4. New Cage :)

    I went from a 2x6 to a 4x4. The piggies love it! I can't open my wardore door that much, but its worth it! I had to rearrange my bedroom but it only took about 15 minutes. I just have to get cable ties because I couldn't find my old ones.

  5. Avater

    Did anyone see Avater? I went to see it with my friends on Saturday, in 3D and it was great ! Did anyone else like it? The place was packed!
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