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My Guinea Pigs

About my guinea pig(s)

  1. 3 years gone, new beginnings

    Three years ago I became so active in the guinea pig community. I helped Canadians via my care site, I was a moderator for a while on some forums, I had an online store making bedding and don't forget my youtube videos! Sadly years of work came to a fast halt. Firstly my marriage of may years ended, my ex husband tried to take half of everything, even my sewing company. I backed away from everything to get my life back together.

    During that time I surrendered some of my guinea pigs ...
  2. Why do I love them?

    I was asked a few days ago: "Why guinea pigs? Why not gerbils or fish?"

    This right here is why:

    They have so much personality. ...
  3. Current cage set up...

    Wanted to do a small update on my current cages:
    Top cage:
    Mojo's Cage.
    Lone male.

    Second Cage:
    Romeo and Aolani's cage.
    Neuter male and female couple.

    Both: cage size 24" by 48" (8 sq ft)

    Reko, Thora and Satu's Cage
    Neutered Male, two sow Trio
    Cage size 36"x48" (12 sq ft)

    The whole set up:
  4. Hair cut, bath and nails.. oh no....

    Hair cut, bath and nails.. oh no....
    By Reko

    Mommy has been on a mission, and the Schimpf pigs (myself
    included) have been very very quite hoping we will be passed over.
    So far its working.. but I am starting to think its because we don't
    need any.. *shudders* grooming.

    Mr. B on the other hand... well lets just say, poor poor piggie.

    First she started out with a hair cut:

  5. New homes and a house guest

    Mommy has been hard at work. Last week she completed our new caging unit. It has three cages, each 2'x4' (or 8sq ft). We like them a lot. The front drops down and mommy says she has a much easier time clean our cages.

    We also got part one of our x-mas gifts:

    New ...
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