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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Mommy
    I'm new to the GP community and am wondering if you are using fleece instead of aspen or carefresh?? Do the GP go potty all over your cage? Thanks
    Welcome to the GPC Community!

    I am using fleece instead of Aspen or Carefresh. My piggies pee mostly in the corners (I added extra absorbant material to all corners) but they poo everywhere else. I sweep up poos atleast once a day and as for the pee it is wicked through the fleece to the absorbant middle layer (cotton rich mattress pad) which leaves the fleece that they walk on nice and dry with literally no smell other then the hay smell.

    I made my fleece pads by sewing a top sheet (bottom layer) cotton rich mattress pad (middle layer) fleece (top layer) together then I sewed velcro all the way around the top. I hot clued to hooked part of the velcro to the top part of the corotray to attach my liner to the tray to make vacuuming and sweeping of the fleece easier and to keep piggies from playing under the fleece. The only fleece liner that is not velcroed to the coro is the hayloft and ramp part and it fits snuggly in place, however if my piggies decide to go under that then I will velcro it later.
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    I'm new to the GP community and am wondering if you are using fleece instead of aspen or carefresh?? Do the GP go potty all over your cage? Thanks
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    I love your new cage! You did a great job with the cozies. My daughter has a Tinkerbell fleece throw and pillow. I bet that pillow will look great in your cage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb's4Pigs
    I love the matching cuddle cups.
    Thank you I sewed all the cuddle cups by hand and I wanted everything in their cage to match as closely as possible and I really think I did a good job on this cage.

    Now I dont want to store my 2x5 corotray or get rid of it so on thursday (cleaning day) I am redoing the cage agian. The 3x6 part is going to be flat on the floor instead of being 1 grid high and the bunkbeds plus hayloft will remain the same however I am going to add another 2x5 level as well which should add more room for them to run around. So I will update with that pic when it is completed.
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    I love the matching cuddle cups.
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    Wow, that's AWSOME! Great job!
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    I adore tinkerbell, so I would love to steal this idea!!! Beautiful cage!
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    Thanks, everyone and I am not allowed to redesign this cage although I am thinking about putting on the floor instead of it being a grid high for easier cleaning and so that I can get in the cage cage after cleaning it to play with the piggies easier.
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    Love it! I LOVE tinker bell, but unfortunately I have boars and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate a purple/ pink cage, haha. Perhaps one day I'll have sows and I can totally tinkifie their cage :-)
    Iknow the feeling, my cage took 6 hours to constructs! Killed me for a couple days, .
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    Nice Job!! It looks great. Those piggies are lovin' it. Your hard work will pay off. Hopefully you don't get the itch to re-do the cage for a while.
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    Looks fantastic! I know the feeling, I expanded not too long ago as well, but seeing them popcorning around the new cage makes the pain worth it. And it's a perfect fit in the nook of the room
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    Thank you.
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    Those are just too cute!! <3 I love them!
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    I ment 2x2 hayloft not 2x4
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    Well my Dream Cage will have to remain a Dream, but probabably by the end of Jan beginning of Feb. I will have my 3 girls in a 3x6 with a 1x2 kitchen area or a 3x5 with a 2x4 hayloft not sure yet have to do some more planning.
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    That cage looked really nice my ideal cage would have lots of soft things in like duvay's
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    I'd like to make my girls and the boys cages bigger, but their cages and the rabbit cages have already taken over the living room. Well, and the rat cage too. There's hardly room for us.
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    It may be a while before I can actually biuld it, I have to convince other family members. My husband and kids are all for it, but my father in law lives with us instead of a nursing home and well he doesn't really share my interest so it may be a while eventhough it is my house.
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    I'd also like to see a picture of the finished cage.
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    It looks great! I'd love to see the finished cage.
    Google sketchup can do a component count for you. I don't remember the steps, but it will show you the total grids needed.
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