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  1. I'm so excited!!!!

    We got the grids Friday and set them up last night but sadly the Light Blue Coroplast doesn't come in till Friday
  2. Getting my first C&C cage!

    So I'm finally getting a new C&C cage. Its going to be a 2x5 and here are the features:
    A 2x5
    A 1x 1/2 eating area/kitchen
    And then maybe a hay loft!

    I'm excited but I can't decide between Light blue or Blue Coroplast? Any help apperciated!
  3. My book that will hopefully educate kids about Guinea Pigs!!!

    This is not an information book like CavySpirit is writing...its about a girl trying to rescue 500 Guinea Pigs from an abusive home. Here's just a little bit from it:
    "Calm down Megan"Uncle Thomas said"We cannot do anything."
    "Yes we can!"I said"Don't you remember Butterscotch's background?"
    Uncle Thomas nodded and sighed. It was two years ago when Uncle Thomas rescued Butterscotch. She was abandoned at the vet office at 2 weeks old. The
  4. Hi!!!!

    I have a picture uploaded of Carly giving Sandy a sisterly kiss! I love my Guinea Pigs very much.

    Updated 04-22-09 at 02:03 pm by IluvePiggies

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  5. Welcome to Iluvepiggies blog!!!Featuring....Sandy the lazy and Carly the fast

    I know. Lame title but really, besides Lazy and fast they have silly goose and poop machine. Anyway, Sandy is an Abby, tan and white, very furry and sheds. Carly is an American, brown and white, very slim. I love my Guinea Pigs very much. Carly is the most exciting to watch. Around 9 or 9:10, she will do laps around her cage and it gets annoying but its funny. Then she has the rump rub where she goes to the side of her cage and rubs her bottom against it. Then there's the Chi-Chi jump which is a ...