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  1. Guinea pig does a sneeze cough??? Is this ok??

    Hi My guinea pig, Bear, (Brown one) dose this occasional sneeze cough. I don't know if this is him being sick or whats going on. They are about 7 months old and i've only had them for a month. Bear seams fine other than the sneeze cough. I dont know if I need to be worried or not.
  2. My cavy is sick

    Hey everyone,

    Marceline is sick. Her eyes are watery and her nose and ears are dirty. She also almost vomited today. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow to get her checked ASAP. I hope it's nothing serious, but we just have to wait and find out.
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  3. Clever little Houdini

    [COLOR=black]]Lately the weather has been good; the freakish heat went away, so the boys have been spending a lot of time outside. Usually I will put them in the pen on a grassy spot outside my window and check on them every 10 minutes to see how they are getting on and bring them watermelon to keep cool if it’s particularly warm. Well the other day I went to check and saw Houdini was sitting a meter away from the pen, nibbling at the grass while Picasso sat inside. How he got out puzzled and ...

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