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  1. Dry Skin

    my guinea pig girl MoneyPenny has passed her 3rd stage of the grease gland skin condition & now her skin is coming off in dry clumps with fur as well; she's getting better but she still scratches her new skin & makes herself bleed when she scratches; l'm still using Coconut Oil, but was thinking of trying Humilac Spray to help her not to scratch her new skin, can l use that spray on her or not?
  2. Introducing Lucy and Autumn

    On November 8th, 2017 my guinea pig, Patty passed away suddenly. A few days after, I adopted Autumn.

    After 2 weeks of quarantine, this past Saturday, I put Autumn's cage and Lucy's cage next to each other. On Monday, I let them have floor time and it went really well. They shared food, ran around, popcorned, cleaned each other, laid down next to each other, and talked non-stop. Today, I am letting them have some supervised cage time together, and I just had to share these videos! ...
  3. Louise and Nutmeg <3

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    Yesterday, we went and picked up two beautiful Abyssinian girls, christened Nutmeg and Louise.
    They are settling in quite nicely to their quarantine cage (which is t=right next to our main cage, seperated by a door, now reinforced and built up, as one of our other pigs, Pepper LaPue, hopped the wall and scared them both, stealing their lettuce) although Louise is rather shy.
    More updates later ...
  4. Guinea Pig Dandruff and Scabs

    So my guinea pig, Lily, is about 2.5 years old. She has tufty hair and in two spots on her back, there is little pieces of skin showing where her tufts go in different directions. Today I noticed that she has a little scab in each of those spots, and she seems to have quite a bit of dandruff on her when I pet her. It might be fine, but there also might be something wrong with her and I'm not sure. She's acting normal, not itching at all.
  5. poop

    My baby girl shiny Keeps sitting in food bowl pooping. I read it's nothing to worry about they get extra nutrition but I want her to stop. Any suggestions?
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