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  1. Is my piggy sick? Eye wants to close.

    I have 2 pigs, one isn't with me right now, because I bought her from the store sick! I like to think I am getting good at telling if my guinea pig is sick. I was able to tell that pip (the sick one) was sick right away, she wasn't moving very much (didn't always run for cover, as a brand new young guinea pig should), had a small bit of eye crust, and sneezed a lot, I put her up to my ear and she was congested. She is now back with Petco, they are gonna fix her up (URI). But this isn't about Pip, ...
  2. Guinea pig does a sneeze cough??? Is this ok??

    Hi My guinea pig, Bear, (Brown one) dose this occasional sneeze cough. I don't know if this is him being sick or whats going on. They are about 7 months old and i've only had them for a month. Bear seams fine other than the sneeze cough. I dont know if I need to be worried or not.
  3. The hurt I feel about all the pigs I find needing homes.

    Ugh, Does anyone else hate finding pigs on craigslist and things with their sad circumstances? It makes me want to rescue all of them and take care of them. Some posts make me so angry and others utterly break me, There is a person selling guinea pigs as a food option for dogs for the "raw food diet"... There are like 12 on the post and it hurts so much that people do this...... Also seeing guinea pigs being thrown out due to them buying them on impulse and ending up realizing that they ...
  4. Craigslist Ad

    I was up late last night looking through Craigslist to kill sometime and I saw an a listing from the 15th titled "Free Pair of Guinea Pigs." I clicked on the ad and all it said was "Pair of male guinea pigs. Cream color. 7 inches long." There weren't any pictures, so I'm sure the person didn't care what happened to the pigs.

    I wanted to get the pigs and foster them so they wouldn't end up in some horrible place, so we emailed and texted the lister today like the ...
  5. Traveling with my guinea pig.

    I have looked up a lot of information on traveling with your piggy but I'm still not quiet sure if it is safe, or even a good idea to do so. I am thinking of moving to my boyfriend's apartment, but the thing is that he lives about 8+ hours from where I currently live. I only have one piggy, she would be traveling with my dog (not in the same cage/carrier of course). She hasn't traveled much, so I know that I would have to go at it slowly. Any information given is appreciated.
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