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  1. Introducing a male guinea pig to two females

    I have two female guinea pigs (Mazy and JoJo) that are 3 years old. They have been together since they were babies, and are very spoiled. I want to get a male guinea pig from the shelter who is about 2 years old. He is very mellow and sweet. Would it be a good idea to introduce him to JoJo and Mazy? I've heard some people say you should have at least 3 females before getting a male, but I've also heard the opposite. The only thing I'm worried about is the male guinea pig fighting with JoJo and ...
  2. I've decided on a new name(:

    Hi(: So I've been talking about a new name for Shadow and I've finally decided... I've decided on Gibson. I really like the more human names for pets; my dog is named Max. So, I've finally raised up enough money to get another piggy and I'm so excited! Right now I'm trying to pull together everything I need for my new C&C cage so I can use the store bought cage for the new piggy's quarantine. On that note, I'm thinking of names for the new piggy! Help me by commenting below(:
  3. New Name, and... NEW PIG!

    Hi everyone!!! Alright, so yesterday I realized I haven't really had very much lap time with Shadow in the last few days, and it really bugged me. I took him out and I decided that... I think it's time for him to have a friend. He was really happy with Jazz, even if they were separated. I've mastered taking care of one pig and I think both me and Shadow are ready for a second. This time I'll check on-the-spot to make sure it's a male. I've decided I'm going to the center where I took Jazzmine- it ...