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  1. Is my piggy sick? Eye wants to close.

    I have 2 pigs, one isn't with me right now, because I bought her from the store sick! I like to think I am getting good at telling if my guinea pig is sick. I was able to tell that pip (the sick one) was sick right away, she wasn't moving very much (didn't always run for cover, as a brand new young guinea pig should), had a small bit of eye crust, and sneezed a lot, I put her up to my ear and she was congested. She is now back with Petco, they are gonna fix her up (URI). But this isn't about Pip, ...
  2. A healthier, happier .... ME??????

    For those of you familiar with the grocery store chain, Kroger, you know that they have a Kroger Plus Card. It is a discount card that gets you discount and specials.
    If you register your Kroger Plus card online, you can load coupons to your card electronically and they will send you coupons in the mail based on the type of things you usually buy.

    Prior to February I would get coupons for "one free bag of Lay's potato chips", $1 off Chip Ahoy cookies, $.50 off Breyer's ...
    Tags: health, influence
  3. Ivermectin Injections for All!

    It's been a pretty busy weekend here as yesterday Mr Darcy and I took the boys to the vet for their Ivermectin shots. Their last visit was around Easter so I was sorry to pack to boys in the cat carrier again and am hoping that there won't be a re-infestation. Funnily enough though, I get more stressed out about going to the vets than the boys do. For you see, for no apparent reason since the start of this year I developed this fear/anxiety over going to the doctors, and as it turns out this includes ...