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  1. My 4-5 Month old Guinea Pig had a baby! Very Unexpected...Need Help!

    This past weekend, my guinea pig, named Sandy had her first baby. i got her a little over two months ago and she just had a baby boy. I was very suprised, and i did not know she was even pregnant. I now have no idea what to do. I have all female guinea pigs. I dont have any space for the baby male. He is very cute, and i would love to keep him, but i cant. The pet store has a no return policy, and i dont want to return, but should i ask them about how this came about and see what they will do? ...
  2. Joliet Jake Jellybeans' rescue

    Okay, technically I didn't rescue him from a shelter, but I did rescue Jake from a local Petco. This is the story of me falling in love with this adorable pig and saving him from uneducated employees and neglecting children. I've stood by and watched adorable guinea pigs in pet stores not taken care of properly for a long time, I've seen too many parents buy their kids guinea pigs who end up being neglected beyond abuse. I saw this cute little fluff ball and I couldn't look at him without my heart ...
    Pet Stores , Issues
  3. thinkin' bout cages

    so, i just got home after being out of town for 4 days. i brought the guinea pigs, in a small travel cage, and WOW. if i wasn't already painfully aware of how terrible small cages are, i am now.

    the cage was roughly the size of a pet store cage. i put the pigs in and they immediately got tense and timid. i put them in the cage like 2 hours before we left and although they had nice clean bedding and their favorite toys, they didn't wheek for hay or even really move around. and they didn't ...
  4. 2 and a Half Years of Piggies

    Okay, so I bought a piggy name Sugar. She was on her own for a year before mum decided I was responsible enough to get her a friend.
    We bought a bigger cage and all the stuff required for a duo of pigs.
    So we bought a piggie and named her 'Spice'.
    They didn't get along, we gave her back.
    We tried a different pig, but htis time we took Sugar with us.
    We put a fluffy little baby in with her, all was well until Sugar attacked her.
    We ended up buying the fluffy baby ...
  5. Pet Shops?

    I always thought that Pet Shops were the way to go.
    But how wrong could I have been?

    Considering I am now 17, I always bought MY pets from pets shops, not knowing any different. I adopted my 3 Guinea Pigs off of my friend. My previous cat was from a shelter.. My little boy was from our family farm. Hamsters from a pet shop, fish from a pet shop.

    I never really knew about rescue's and adoption centres as I dont have one based near me. But now I really wish I got my ...
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