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  1. Welcome Home Saphron!

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    Everyone say hello to Saphron! She was adopted as a companion pig for Willow after Juniper did not get along with her.

    We got her yesterday from Portland guinea pig rescue! We love her so much and she is such a little cuddle bug!

    She came from a family that allowed their small child to look after her. The kid thought it was funny to keep boy and girl pigs together and soon they had 6 piggies.

    When they needed to move all ...
  2. Am I Crazy?

    I love my guinea pigs, but I quite often think, "I won't get more when they're gone." Like, by then I'll probably have other stuff going on, right? YET, every time I see available pigs in my area... I have to look, and have my heart broken. I just want to save ALL the little homeless piggies! Why is that wrong? Oh yeah, because I live with my parents and have already taken over half the dining room with a double-decker C&C of awesomeness.

    A couple weeks ago I saw a pair ...
  3. The hurt I feel about all the pigs I find needing homes.

    Ugh, Does anyone else hate finding pigs on craigslist and things with their sad circumstances? It makes me want to rescue all of them and take care of them. Some posts make me so angry and others utterly break me, There is a person selling guinea pigs as a food option for dogs for the "raw food diet"... There are like 12 on the post and it hurts so much that people do this...... Also seeing guinea pigs being thrown out due to them buying them on impulse and ending up realizing that they ...
  4. A Heartwarming Story

    I have a guinea pig named Milton. I actually rescued him when he was a baby. The owner got the pig for their kid and then the kid didn't want it. It didn't care for it anymore so they dropped it off in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in front of a rescue. Of course it wasn't warm outside. I don't know how he made it through the night but he did. He was in a box. Which was soaked in his urine and he had poop everywhere. NO food. NO water. No nothing. So the rescue took him in and cared for him. When he got ...
  5. New Pigs and New Cages

    Last week, on the 17th, I adopted two more guinea pigs from the Animal Shelter! I hadn't been planning on getting any more pigs for a while, but I saw a video of these girls on a friend's Facebook and fell in love. They looked so sweet and well behaved with the shelter volunteer!

    Their names at their previous home were Lilly and Ellie. I am keeping Lilly's name, but Ellie's name will change since I already have an Elli. Several people have suggested "Daisy," and it ...
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