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  1. Stressed

    I haven't been doing so well. I just feel as if I am not worth it and there are chores and school pouring on me.
    The only things that keep me happy is spending time with Rosie and going outside. Sometimes I just talk to Rosie about my problems and she doesn't judge me like a human would...
    Tags: guinea pigs, life
  2. Oh man... it's a blog!

    You know, back in the day I used to be a fanatic about LiveJournal. I posted every day, sometimes multiple times a day... but it was also a lot of emo ranting and raging because I was a teenager with a lot of stuff going on.

    So hopefully anything I post here won't resemble that in the slightest. I don't really have any type of hankering to return to that life. I'm sure it also helps that I'm about twice as old now as I was back then... ya know, age makes a difference. Changes your perspective ...
  3. Training With The Piggies

    Thanks to @ClicknCavy I have decided to begin clicker training my piggies, though I have a feeling that Eggs wouldn't respond well to it quite yet because he's just so skittish.

    Anyway, I have begun training with Bacon and he is a wonderful, intelligent piggy. It is so amazing what you discover about your guinea pigs when you begin their training! At first, I wondered if Bacon's love for food would be distracting, a downfall for training, but it ended up being ...
  4. First Blog Entry!

    First and foremost: Hooray for becoming a Cavy Slave!

    Today is Memorial Day. I know it is all about honoring our troops who are serving and have served, but I can't help but dedicate this one to my grandpa. Today is exactly one month since his passing, and all I can think about is that he should be here celebrating and having a good time with us. Not a day goes by that I don't think about and miss him, and my life feels so lost and lonely without him. I suppose I've slipped into a slight ...
  5. Ruka has diarrhea?


    I've had Ruka and Izzy for almost a year now, and everything has been fine until a few days ago.. Ruka began to have loose stool, now I looked this up and many others say that their stool smells very very bad but hers doesn't at all. I got very worried and just cleaned out both of their cages and have separated them. Now, I don't know if I need to schedule an appointment at the veterinarian or not. I'm incredibly nervous now, she seems to have loose stool on her bottom when I
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