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  1. Forum Upgrade, I'm pooped!

    This is my first real blog. I've deleted my test entries. Well, I've been saying for probably over a year now, that the forum upgrade was just around the corner. Ha! This was a big upgrade, and I just didn't have time to do it.

    I ended up hiring some technical help to do the bulk of it for me. He did a great job. And it's still taking me forever to go back and tweak some of the styles and templates just to get them back to the way they were--I'm still not done with that. And then there ...

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  2. well, I caved.. in a way.

    I was so determined that I was going to wait and get the Oxbow that I wanted! But with only a day left I ended up getting the Oxbow for adult cavies and a bunch of alfalfa hay. I'm trying to impress upon the owner of the store that Oxbow is great so I have bought 3 different kinds of hay and all of the Cavy Cuisine that he had.

    Hopefully he gets the message.

    Current concerns: none really, I think that my 'allergies' might actually be a cold... please be a cold! ...

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  3. Long Introduction

    I have a little history of guinea pigs. I have owned a guinea pig named Mikey that was given for me on my b-day, and he died in 2007, being 7 years old. He was a very tiny Aby when brought to me, couldnít eat, so I actually had to play the mommy role. I used to carry him in my pockets (thatís how tiny he was at 1st), so he got used to sleeping with me, especially on my chest when he got older, and on my neck, and every time I got home he started to whistle and couldnít wait just to cuddle. He had ...

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  4. Heyy

    So, whats up everyone? I'm lving the new features, so I figured I would give this blog a shot. This new stuff is sorta cool, isn't it? I like it, especially this blog, because I've got no life whatsoever and the computer is a great way to pass time. Lol...jk for the most part.
    Anyway...yeah. Whats new with me? Well, I broke my left wrist last weekend because I was with a bunch of guy friends and one dared me to do a back flip when I was ice skating (I play hockey and used to figure ...
  5. ...even the name 'blog' is fun!

    I've never had a blog before and I know that I am pretty new here, but I thought what the 'hay'! Might as well have a bit of fun and see what happens.

    I live in Medicine Hat with my 4 kidlets, 3 of which are of the piggie variety.

    I am really enjoying this whole forum and have learned a lot from it!

    My pigs as you can see from my avatar are (from left to right) Rolo, Truffle and Gizmo. They live in a 2x6 C&C which I wish I could make bigger but we ...