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  1. Oh man... it's a blog!

    You know, back in the day I used to be a fanatic about LiveJournal. I posted every day, sometimes multiple times a day... but it was also a lot of emo ranting and raging because I was a teenager with a lot of stuff going on.

    So hopefully anything I post here won't resemble that in the slightest. I don't really have any type of hankering to return to that life. I'm sure it also helps that I'm about twice as old now as I was back then... ya know, age makes a difference. Changes your perspective ...
  2. What to say, what to say?

    So, it's been a really really long time since I've had a blog. Last time I had one i was in high school and I used it to rant about my parents (which came back in bit me in the butt when they found it).

    I guess I'll use this as a chance to inroduce myself a bit more in depth than the bio allows.

    My name is Michelle and I'm 21 (5 more days!!!), and am a full time college student, majoring in psychology. I plan on attending graduate school for library science and will ...
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