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  1. To learn the hard way

    January 25th I lost my little piglet Dino. I had no idea it was going to happen, he was just a little guy but he just died for no reason I could see. He ate, was lively and chipper as ever. I was nervous however cause on Christmas day when I got him my cousin told me the shop he came from housed him with rabbits, I immediately thought, oh no. But then just thought, keep an eye on him and go from there.

    Nothing seemed wrong with him at all though, so things seemed good till the Sunday ...

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  2. plug for my real blog.

    Tasha's Tails is a blog that I started about a week ago. My goal is for it to be a good resource without being a word-for-word regurgitation of GuineaLynx and CavySpirit. Of course, in full support of both, this is just my personal spin.
    In light of the lovely state that America's economy is in, my first few posts are about saving money, as many of us tend to overspend when it comes to our piggers.
    I am no Guinea Guru; I started this blog because of the reaction I always get when ...
  3. Lets get serious!

    the days before i got my to piggies,i always thought that once i got them i would never be bored!lol YEAH RIGHT! if you are reading this and don't have a guinea pig yet plz listen up! now don't take me wrong piggies are great pets, but they are NOT a dog, they dont play fetch or sleep with you or lick your face, and always want to play with you!:sad: Guinea pigs don't really like to be held, so good luck trying to snuggle them!(although some guinea pigs love to be snuggled and held!) Don't take ...
  4. So much has changed...

    It's hard to believe how much has happened since the last blog I posted on adopting Ichabod. Last May I started taking riding lessons since I have always loved horses and missed riding a lot, fell off a horse in august and developed chronic low back pain (xrays showed that my hips are slightly rotated and that the l5 vertabrae is partially fused to my hips so my back apparently wasn't that flexible to begin with). Though I'm not letting that keep me from enjoying the things I love such as riding ...
  5. Look out world!

    Hey, folks. My name is Patch Adams. Everybody calls me Patch. I like bell peppers, timothy hay pellets, and rumble strutting.

    Wanted to tell you about my new favorite thing to do. Kim, my person, sat me down at the foot of the stairs one day to pick up something and I ran up the stairs. Kim is too easy to please and was oohing and ahhing about how great I am and how smart. ...
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