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  1. flag craigslist breeders

    i think they are all breeders correct me if i'm wrong
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  2. ANOTHER mis-sexed guinea pig? Seriously?

    Ugh, so I had 3 "female" guinea pigs, one turned out to be a boy resulting in me having a litter of five more piggies, all girls. I gave away two, kept 3 and still looking for a good home for the two albinos and I was planning on keeping little Emily...well no, it turns out Emily was a boy too.. yes, you guessed it. THREE MORE BABIES! Poor, poor Tiffany having two litters in such a short space of time I was devastated for her

    We got rid of all three guinea pigs to a rescue ...
  3. Breeding

    Today, I posted a forum about breeding. I asked why it wasnt okay because if the breeder cares for the pigs properly people get healthy, good-mannered guinea pigs, its okay. My forum was closed because a Moderator told me that they had just covered this topic.

    So I still wanted to know why breeding, even when you do everything right, was stilll wrong. I now understand that there are a lot of piggies out there and breeding is just contributing to the problem. I guess its just like dogs; ...

    Updated 02-28-12 at 07:09 am by Clovers

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  4. Licks of Appreciation? And bringing out their "wild" side

    My little tough boy, George, has developed an interesting little habit.
    While I search the net I have George sitting in my lap.
    He is a chest and shoulder guy and usually tries to climb his way up.
    I've noticed recently that when I put him from my lap to his preferred position, he always licks me on the chin.

    I wonder if it is a lick of appreciation. He never does it any other time. it is adorable and I won't question it much because he is my least affectionate piggy. ...
  5. My parents just dont get it!!!

    My parents annoy me so much. They don't understand adoption apparently. They don't care if I adopt my pigs but when it comes to their dogs its a different story. They have a friend who is a breeder. They apparently think he is "responsible", yeah rite breeders are NOT! They think he is SO great because he adopts dogs too, but he still breeds. He is pretty much two sided because he is takling the lives of shelter dogs and rescuing at the same time. My parents think it is okay to get a dog ...
    Issues , Breeding/Breeders
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