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  1. suffering, scratching!!!


    I'm having 6 guinea pigs & confused whether they are having mites or dandruff, after giving ivermectin dose , yesterday I saw brownie had white dandruff like particles near his eyes nose and back.

    previously I have used ivermectin and it had worked this time after two dose still no effect, and they are scratching and pulling there hairs, , even vet gave one spray that didnt worked, please give some advice.
  2. 3 years gone, new beginnings

    Three years ago I became so active in the guinea pig community. I helped Canadians via my care site, I was a moderator for a while on some forums, I had an online store making bedding and don't forget my youtube videos! Sadly years of work came to a fast halt. Firstly my marriage of may years ended, my ex husband tried to take half of everything, even my sewing company. I backed away from everything to get my life back together.

    During that time I surrendered some of my guinea pigs ...
  3. Guinea Pig Pellets

    Hi Everyone!

    I was wondering if you could help me with my choice of pellets. I have two guinea pigs. One of them is one year old (yes, the one on my profile pic), while the other is only 4 months old. I am not sure if I should use pellets for adult guinea pigs, or pellets for young guinea pigs. What is your advice? Thank you!

  4. Am I Crazy?

    I love my guinea pigs, but I quite often think, "I won't get more when they're gone." Like, by then I'll probably have other stuff going on, right? YET, every time I see available pigs in my area... I have to look, and have my heart broken. I just want to save ALL the little homeless piggies! Why is that wrong? Oh yeah, because I live with my parents and have already taken over half the dining room with a double-decker C&C of awesomeness.

    A couple weeks ago I saw a pair ...
  5. Chocks sleeping space...

    Since i changed chocks house recently he's become more highper and he's become full of energy since his house was changed...
    He is getting better about being picked up since his house was changed and hand feeding increased...
    He gets very worried when i have to take his house out to clean the area under it as it has no bottom.
    Guinea Pigs
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