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  1. The Pigsforlife Gang

    I thought the easiest way to keep everyone updated would be through a blog. Some people may find me familiar, others not. I was most active when I spent a long time ill a good 18-12months ago now. Since then things have come a long way and alot of things have changed.

    Let's see. Mid last year we lost Buttercup. She was spayed for ovarian cysts, and during the operation the cysts bursted. Whether this had anything to do with her death I don't know. Things were going well, and she was ...
  2. Spring is here!

    I went outside this morning, 66*F, about 75 in the sun, all the trees are budding and starting to grow leaves, and the guineas got to go outside! I've been waiting for days like this since summer ended ! I'm so happy! Now, just to get over this cold.
  3. Hmm...

    I loooove these new features. I went to Joanne Fabrics today because my mother needed some stuff to make my grandmother a birthday present, and I found some new fleece. Its verrrry cool and if I can dig my camera out of hiding I'll show it to you all. Anyway, they are loving it and so am I.
    Thank you guys for posting on my page and reading these blogs, it makes me feel so loved.
  4. What to say, what to say?

    So, it's been a really really long time since I've had a blog. Last time I had one i was in high school and I used it to rant about my parents (which came back in bit me in the butt when they found it).

    I guess I'll use this as a chance to inroduce myself a bit more in depth than the bio allows.

    My name is Michelle and I'm 21 (5 more days!!!), and am a full time college student, majoring in psychology. I plan on attending graduate school for library science and will ...
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  5. Forum Upgrade, I'm pooped!

    This is my first real blog. I've deleted my test entries. Well, I've been saying for probably over a year now, that the forum upgrade was just around the corner. Ha! This was a big upgrade, and I just didn't have time to do it.

    I ended up hiring some technical help to do the bulk of it for me. He did a great job. And it's still taking me forever to go back and tweak some of the styles and templates just to get them back to the way they were--I'm still not done with that. And then there ...

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