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  1. Heyy

    So, whats up everyone? I'm lving the new features, so I figured I would give this blog a shot. This new stuff is sorta cool, isn't it? I like it, especially this blog, because I've got no life whatsoever and the computer is a great way to pass time. Lol...jk for the most part.
    Anyway...yeah. Whats new with me? Well, I broke my left wrist last weekend because I was with a bunch of guy friends and one dared me to do a back flip when I was ice skating (I play hockey and used to figure ...
  2. ...even the name 'blog' is fun!

    I've never had a blog before and I know that I am pretty new here, but I thought what the 'hay'! Might as well have a bit of fun and see what happens.

    I live in Medicine Hat with my 4 kidlets, 3 of which are of the piggie variety.

    I am really enjoying this whole forum and have learned a lot from it!

    My pigs as you can see from my avatar are (from left to right) Rolo, Truffle and Gizmo. They live in a 2x6 C&C which I wish I could make bigger but we ...
  3. Wayhey, I have a blog!

    Well folks it's been a while since I've been on here! I've missed the place but baby and pigs are well and truly my priority! Sadly I am a pig down since my last visit, we recently had to have our neutered boar Bart euthanised. He was somewhere around 6 or 7. His girly pigs will miss him.

    That's all for now but I will update soon!