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  1. Is my Guinea pig Milton a rare Guinea?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if my Guinea pig Milton is a rare silkie Guinea? As you can see in the pictures he is gray all over his body and a tint of a brownish color when you look at him in the light, he also has some white highlights on his face and head, and when you look Milton's eyes in the light you can see that he has red eyes with a little blue in it. I do follow a lot of Guinea pig accounts on my instagram and I have never seen a gray silkie that looks like milton. So I feel really ...
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  2. Welcome Home Saphron!

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    Everyone say hello to Saphron! She was adopted as a companion pig for Willow after Juniper did not get along with her.

    We got her yesterday from Portland guinea pig rescue! We love her so much and she is such a little cuddle bug!

    She came from a family that allowed their small child to look after her. The kid thought it was funny to keep boy and girl pigs together and soon they had 6 piggies.

    When they needed to move all ...
  3. Information about the Guinea Pigs I have had

    The first guinea pig I got was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ("Cookie Dough"). She is all black on one side, and on the other side she is all white with one brown spot. I've had her since March 2015 (she was 5 weeks old when I first got her). She is a Satin American Tri-color. I still own her today (Jan 2017).

    The second guinea pig I got was Hazelnut (“Hazel”). She was about 1 year old when I adopted her in September 2015. She was white and two shades of brown, and ...
  4. Two girls new Boy, Ash is a happy Piggy

    Since Jack past away Ash has been by himself, he seemed happy but always stayed inside his hay, I felt really bad because we have the two girls (very young) and he hears them above him in their own two story cage. We recently decided to get Ash a new buddy but I was hesitant because Jack was his brother and they were bonded pretty good. I saw a family was downsizing their piggy's because they were now in an apartment and just fell in love with "Charlies" photo, he was exactly like our ...
  5. Nemo's Trimming

    My goodness, I never realized what a well-behaving guinea pig I got! Not only is Nemo already showing off a bit of a cuddly side like I wanted, but he was a model Peruvian during his first trimming at his new home. I got him some carrots to munch on while I clipped his fur, not really expecting him to pay them any attention, but to my surprise the little guy went right to eating them. My mother was on standby to make sure he didn't run off or move too much while I clipped him, but most of the time ...
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