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  1. Guinea Pig Dandruff and Scabs

    So my guinea pig, Lily, is about 2.5 years old. She has tufty hair and in two spots on her back, there is little pieces of skin showing where her tufts go in different directions. Today I noticed that she has a little scab in each of those spots, and she seems to have quite a bit of dandruff on her when I pet her. It might be fine, but there also might be something wrong with her and I'm not sure. She's acting normal, not itching at all.
  2. poop

    My baby girl shiny Keeps sitting in food bowl pooping. I read it's nothing to worry about they get extra nutrition but I want her to stop. Any suggestions?
  3. New Guinea Pig Progress!

    It seems Stardust, our newest addition to the cage, is finally beginning to warm up to us!
    She has decided that it's ok to come take food from our hand, and lets us pet her fuzzy little head when she's in the cage (sometimes ).
    Here's some pigtures from Easter Photoshoot;
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    The other day we took her out for lap time, and she scrambled up to my shoulder, and snuggled ...
  4. Is my Guinea pig Milton a rare Guinea?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if my Guinea pig Milton is a rare silkie Guinea? As you can see in the pictures he is gray all over his body and a tint of a brownish color when you look at him in the light, he also has some white highlights on his face and head, and when you look Milton's eyes in the light you can see that he has red eyes with a little blue in it. I do follow a lot of Guinea pig accounts on my instagram and I have never seen a gray silkie that looks like milton. So I feel really ...
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  5. Welcome Home Saphron!

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    Everyone say hello to Saphron! She was adopted as a companion pig for Willow after Juniper did not get along with her.

    We got her yesterday from Portland guinea pig rescue! We love her so much and she is such a little cuddle bug!

    She came from a family that allowed their small child to look after her. The kid thought it was funny to keep boy and girl pigs together and soon they had 6 piggies.

    When they needed to move all ...
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