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  1. Not eating

    I had to go out of town for a week, while I was gone my brother said that Hampton and Carlos were hardly eating or drinking, this really worried me. I can hardly believe him, because now that I am back home they seem to empty their hay faster then ever. I'm not sure what is wrong with them... I am worried because I have to go back out of town, and I don't want them to get sick while I am gone because of not eating... Advice?
  2. Guinea Pig

    About 2 weeks ago l had to place my guinea piggy girl MoneyPenny to sleep because she had a serious grease gland skin condition & wouldn't stop scratching, so l had my local veterinary come to my place to place her asleep which was very sad & then l had my other guinea piggy girl Betty grease gland on her bum looked at & it wasn't serious like MoneyPenny's; stupid vet gave Betty a small dose of antibiotics (thinking it would clear up her grease gland) instead the antibiotics made Betty ...
  3. Blood on fleece? PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone i was cleaning my guinea pig cage today and noticed that there was some reddish/brown spots on the fleece. I cleaned their cage yesterday so i know it was from today. I fed them kale and arugula yesterday night and this morning only kale. I thought maybe it is just a weird stain but there are two stains. I'm really worried and i'm not sure if this is normal or not. I have attached photos of these two stains. Thank you.

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  4. Guinea pig does a sneeze cough??? Is this ok??

    Hi My guinea pig, Bear, (Brown one) dose this occasional sneeze cough. I don't know if this is him being sick or whats going on. They are about 7 months old and i've only had them for a month. Bear seams fine other than the sneeze cough. I dont know if I need to be worried or not.
  5. Dry Skin

    my guinea pig girl MoneyPenny has passed her 3rd stage of the grease gland skin condition & now her skin is coming off in dry clumps with fur as well; she's getting better but she still scratches her new skin & makes herself bleed when she scratches; l'm still using Coconut Oil, but was thinking of trying Humilac Spray to help her not to scratch her new skin, can l use that spray on her or not?
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