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    This could seem to be an infection
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    Hello, the first thing I want to ask is, how long have you noticed this happening? If it's only been one day, your piggy might just have inhaled hay dust. (Did you recently feed him the dregs of the hay store?) This could be a respiratory infection though, my piggy had one a few years back, so I would recommend a vet visit maybe?? I hope this was helpful.
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    very beautiful
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    They are beautiful.
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    Thank you
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    He is like my guinea pig chocolate. Yours is an agouti.
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    Yeah sorry about that. I couldn't figure out how to post in the threads but somebody helped me do it.
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    If you need help with this, I recommend posting it in a thread rather than a blog, so you might be able to get more answers to your problem
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    I feel great cleaning the fleece. So clean.
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    You could see bowl in my photos titled Twinkles, shiny and star mom with two daughters
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    I bought new bowl and problem solved
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    She's gorgeous!! Love the middle photo.
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    He does have a fairly rare coloring! He is gorgeous by the way