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  1. The path to vegan

    So I'm currently a vegetarian, looking to go vegan. I've been attempting to have vegan days every tuesday, as my cousin and I go to the library every tuesday from 5pm-9pm and there's a subway nearby where I can easily get a vegan dinner.
    Anyways, for July, I've added another vegan day, this time on Saturday. It was much more difficult having to eat vegan at home, but I did it!
    I had a yummy smoothie with strawberries, bananas and soy milk, and a berry/almond granola bar for breakfast, ...
    Vegetarian/Vegan , Issues
  2. Diet: Piggies not eating their Vegatables.

    I hope I am doing this right. I'm not sure, because this is my first time.
    My piggies have recently stopped eating their veggies. (Not the lettuces, parsley's, cilantro, pellets or hay.) Just the peppers, carrots, celery & cucumbers. They will still eat the tomatoes. If any one has some advice I would appreciate it. Thank you