View Full Version : Hey. New here. Just thought I would say hi.

05-29-14, 06:33 pm
Hi everybody! I got my first cavy, Teddy (AKA Poop-machine, Cavy Queen, ect.) a few weeks back and have been researching all over! (I already did enough to take her home with me by the time I got her, don't worry) I hopeto get all my questions answered while on this site, get advice and make friends!:)

So, if you would like to speak to me, by all means contact me! I don't bite! (Teddy does, but she mostly licks and purrs...*heart melts*)

05-29-14, 06:41 pm
Hi welcome to the forum! This is a great place for anything you need answered! Cute name! Post some pigtures of her!

05-29-14, 07:36 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum!

maddy harper
05-30-14, 06:29 am
hello and welcome to the forums...