View Full Version : Coroplast Are Clorox Wipes Piggie-Safe for Cleaning Coroplast?

05-29-14, 01:22 pm
I usually use a 50/50 vinegar water mixture to clean my coroplast, but I was wondering if Clorox disinfecting wipes are piggie-safe? My coroplast is under a layer of towels and then a layer of fleece, but obviously pigs can and do flip the bedding and come into contact with the coroplast.


05-29-14, 01:34 pm
I wouldn't use them. Vinegar and water are just as effective as bleach products and is safer.

05-29-14, 02:03 pm
I think it would be fine. Those have an odor to them right? I would maybe let it air out for a bit, too

05-29-14, 02:15 pm
I have a squirt bottle I bought at the dollar store and I mix 50/50 vinegar and water and spray down the chloroplast and then let it sit for a bit and then wipe it all out with paper towels. That costs less than clorox wipes and I'd worry about the piggies being exposed to the bleach and any other chemicals in the wipes.

05-29-14, 02:17 pm
They're okay to use, but they're pretty pricey. For that price you could get many more cleanings with a vinegar solution.

05-29-14, 03:26 pm
Like I said, I normally use vinegar/water, but was curious about using Clorox wipes for a "deep cleaning" if you will.

I will just continue to use vinegar/water. :)

07-18-14, 12:27 am
If you like the wipe idea there are a few homemade versions of those kind of wipes.

07-18-14, 03:05 am
If you use those wipes, you need to thoroughly rinse off the coroplast. Bleach is caustic and not safe for guinea pigs if they lick it. That's why vinegar is a better choice. You can use a 50/50 vinegar and water mix and not have to worry about soaking or hosing it down after.