View Full Version : Am I the only one who finds this inappropriate?

09-25-05, 05:21 am
:?: I have seen this advertised quite alot, and really do not like them.

Am I on my own with this one? If not, does anyone else use them?


09-25-05, 05:22 am
I do not like those at all. I've heard they are very bad for piggies backs, and I know piggies would rather have free range.

09-25-05, 06:02 am
I really can't imagine my piggies tollerating being put into a harness much less having to walk around in one. I've used them for other critters such as ferrets and rats with little success. I'd much rather they run around free range! Even if a large playpen was set up, it'd be better than being constrained in a harness attached to a leash.


09-25-05, 06:17 am
They are very bad for the piggies back. If they spaz out or get scared from being in it, they can break their backs.

Percy's Mom
09-25-05, 07:34 am
I asked about those soon after I joined here. They're just as bad as those big exercise balls for your piggy.

09-25-05, 08:11 am
i dont like them, if you ant to give your guinea pig excersise buy thema run!

09-25-05, 08:16 am
I must admit I tried them once, but Baby and Piglet(who has since passed away) were so scared. We took them off immediately and let them out on floor time.

09-25-05, 08:17 am
I can't put my girls outside as I am in an apartment, but my daughter puts her pig in a huge dog crate and she eats the grass through the wire. She puts her in the shade and puts a cover over a corner to make a safe spot.

09-25-05, 12:59 pm
Those harnesses are dangerous. All it takes it for the piggy to try and run off while it is in that thing to break their ribs.
I can't believe no-one has pointed this out to the companies who sell them yet. Maybe I'll see if I can get in touch with some of them and let them know how dangerous they are for cavies.

09-25-05, 01:00 pm
I think alot of these companies just think up ideas to try and make money, but, they don't take into consideration any accidents that may happen, or may be caused, AND I bet none of them have touched a guinea pig in their lives.

09-25-05, 01:04 pm
Pigs are not dogs or ferrets that need to be walked on a leash. They are dangerous. Pigs can slip out of them easily as well as hurt themselves. It's best to avoid any type of harness/leash completely unless you want to take a serious risk of your pigs life by using one.

09-25-05, 04:20 pm
I tried one on my guinea pigs once, they hated it; so I never used it again! What do you think about using them on rabbits? Mine seem to love going for walks with them on.

09-29-05, 06:54 am
That actually looks like a cat harness. I have the same one for my cat. She likes to take walks sometimes, but since we live in the city we don't like to let her loose.

But cats, dogs and ferrets can learn the leash is a good thing and come to love to go "walkies". I have heard stories of cats who will bring thier leash to thier owners. But I don't think a piggie would enjoy that.

Cavie Cove
09-30-05, 09:40 am
I don't like them at all. In my view you can't really take a guinea for a walk anyway because of how short their legs are. I mean how would they keep up with our pace?
I do use them on the ferrets when I take them to the field at the top of the estate as they can't be let loose there but they do get let out loose in the garden without the harnesses(sp?) on.

But cats, dogs and ferrets can learn the leash is a good thing and come to love to go "walkies".
Tell me about it. As soon as the ferrets see the leashes and harnesses they grab them and head for the door! Must like going for walks then.

YK Shepherd
09-30-05, 06:10 pm
I have tried them and my piggy refused to move and she was shaking the whole time, obviously terrified, so no more for her. I have one rabbit that loves it and goes outside with it on and goes for little walks but the others just get really scared and start freaking so I use a wire cage to take them outside in the ones that are actually made for puppies. It is very big and they cannot get out at all. The chincilla does not go outside he would be gone if I took him out. The rabbits go one at a time weather permitting for 20-30 mins each, try for once a day in the summer months. Not at all in the winter, and rosie goes out for about 10 mins once a day because she just crawls in my lap after that.

They also have several playtimes outside of the cages during the day, inside the house. They actually have their own room that is critter proofed for them. Need to be very careful do not want any accidental breedings with the rabbits so individual turn out.

10-12-05, 09:03 pm
I tried one of those SuperPet brand harnesses, but it's either too small or too big for them, so they just slip right out.
I considered getting one of those string harnesses that are multi-adjustable. But they don't look at all comfortable on their little backs and necks. If you test it out on your hand you can feel how badly it pulls on the neck more than the stomache area.
I've just given up on harnesses and let them roam around free with some propper fence around the area.

10-12-05, 09:05 pm
PS: Does anyone want to buy my harness?... j/k :P