View Full Version : Lump lump just behind front paw

05-25-14, 04:45 pm
I am not sure if anyone can help me or not but the vet is closed because of the holiday weekend. Kiwi has a small lump just behind her right from paw, slightly toward the center of her chest. It's been there as long as I can remember and never seemed to bother her at all. Now it seems that when I examine it to make sure it's the same size and all she is bothered by me touching it. Any ideas on what it might be? It is also possible I just caught her when she didn't want to be messed with. Sometimes my pigs are temperamental like that.

05-25-14, 04:52 pm
Is it on her leg, or on her chest?

Is the lump squishy? If so, it's probably a benign cyst. If it's moveable, it's probably a cyst. If it's hard and fixed in place, she needs to see a vet, but it will wait until they're open later in the week.

05-25-14, 04:55 pm
It is on her chest, I guess about where breasts would be if she were human. It is hard and moveable, but it also is sometimes nonexistent. It is only there depending on the positioning of her legs, and overall body. I am glad you answered. I was hoping you'd be the one to pick up this thread :)