View Full Version : Fleece Piggy won't stop burrowing!

05-24-14, 03:55 pm
I am currently using carefresh, but i really want to switch back over to fleece because it will be cheaper (although a little more work). I once used it, for only a few days. My piggy, Aela, did not handle it well. I came back from the store and i couldn't find her. Come to find out, she was under the layers of fleece and towel. She could suffocate!
Can somebody give me some suggestions on how to stop her from burrowing in the fleece? I really want to go back to it, but it worries me that she'll get stuck or can't get out.
Thank you!

05-24-14, 03:59 pm
You could get fleece flippers. Or, where I use towels I pin it to the side of the cage using clips.

05-24-14, 04:00 pm
thanks! I'll consider getting clips. Never even thought of that, i just tucked it under the towel and hoped for the best

05-24-14, 04:04 pm
do you use coro? I was fleece and coro for a short time it didn't work for me. no coro just tarp