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05-21-14, 03:55 pm
Hello All!

I want to plan on getting a rabbit!
Before I do, I need advice, help, tips, etc. about all topics for rabbits, since I know nothing! I believed it wise to learn as much as possible before adopting.
Please give me advice on all areas from caging, food, toys, bedding, etc.

Thank you!

05-21-14, 04:10 pm
Aww fun ive always wanted a rabbit. Ive heard that some rabbiits like to play with tennis balls and ive also heard that most people dont use cages they just litter box train ther rabbits so they dont have to clean as much and the rabbits happier hope this helps a little.

05-21-14, 04:17 pm
Inle_Rabbit has had rabbits in the past, and has one now. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to rabbits. Im sure other members have rabbits too, ask around! :)

05-21-14, 04:30 pm
What would be a good cage and dimensions for a rabbit?
Or two?

05-21-14, 05:43 pm
Depends in the size of the rabbits and how much out if cage time they get.

05-24-14, 11:36 pm
For a guide on what is a proper size cage (based on out-of-cage time) take a peek here (http://rabbitsindoors.weebly.com/housing-options.html).
The rest of the site offers other rabbit care advice as well.