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05-19-14, 08:57 am
Hello. I have a question since one of my girls is starting to sound congested and getting sick. I have baytril left over that my vet prescribed for one of my other girls who had congestion and slight pneumonia but she seemed to recover quite quickly (is still taking it though). I JUST made an appointment because it's that time for the vet to recheck to see how my girl is doing. However, one of my other girls is just recently showing signs of being sick although she is eating and drinking normally. My question is, would it be safe to give her the same baytril my current girl is using? I know medication is distributed based on weight, age, and how bad infections are. Sushi (My cuy and girl who was given the medication) weighs around 1600g whom is 11 months old. Alyssa, whom is currently getting sick is 10 months and weighs around 997g-1000g (Yes I did weigh her just now as I have 3 different scales and that is her weight.). Sushi was given 0.03 of baytril every 12 hours. Would it be safe to give Alyssa any with a lesser amount than Sushi was given? The vet im currently seeing does not have any availability since he's booked and the appointment was made for this upcoming thursday. I wouldn't want to do anything that would endanger her health but I want to be sure if it's safe to give her baytril that my other girl is taking. I want to know if it's safe to give it to her temporarily until thursday

05-19-14, 09:12 am
The bigger question would be whether you have enough for the first one to get her complete dosage if you give some of it to the second one. Not following through on completely taking a prescribed dose of antibiotics is one of the causes of antibiotic-resistant drugs in this country. You also need to make sure she's really showing symptoms of illness before giving it to her, since guinea pigs aren't usually given antibiotics "just in case."

If it were me, I'd call the vet and say you've got one with the same symptoms as the first, and ask for some more medicine. They might let you have it.

How much does Alyssa weigh?

05-19-14, 09:15 am
She weighs 1000g. 600g off from sushi. She's a medium sized guinea pig. I do have plenty and sushi has already shown signs of complete recovery the past couple weeks but I have been giving her the medication still since she was supposed to be on it for 27 days. I could try doing that but I just wanted to know if it's safe enough since this would be something completely temporary. Alyssa has been sick in the past from unlucky drafts during the winter and she was given baytril (she had wheezing and URI).

05-19-14, 09:20 am
Oh I also want to add that I've known and learned my girls signs and actions well over the year. Alyssa is different from the rest in ways I can't explain. She sounds different, and acts different. But just a couple days ago she's been breathing strangely in a similar manner that sushi was last month. Then just last night I finally heard small bits of congestion and she coughed, which immediately led me to believe "She's indeed getting sick" But I have checked her poop. Normal. Eating and drinking. All normal. I feel its the start of early uri

05-19-14, 10:45 am
If Sushi was prescribed .03 cc, looks like Alyssa would get .02.

05-19-14, 10:57 am
Thanks! I know this is only temporary and I know Alyssa has had baytril before. I just don't want her to get worse. Temporary til her appointment on thursday

05-23-14, 11:25 am
I'd just like to update on Alyssa. The appointment was successful and she was given anti biotics. It was mild but good thing I caught it before it could get worse! Also..

Our guesses on the dose for her was veryyyyyyyyyyy close! The doctor took her weight, age and the calculation was 0.21! Just a hair off but she's doing so much better now