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Nicks Pigs
05-18-14, 05:53 pm
I was wondering if this would be suitable to protect my piggies over the summer months?


Any brands recommended to help?

My pigs do not have any parasites at the moment, I just want to make sure that my pigs are protected over the summer months.

05-18-14, 05:55 pm
I'd go to the vet just to be sure to see what they recommend

05-18-14, 05:56 pm
As long as your guinea pigs are housed indoors, you shouldn't have a problem. If you take them outside, just make sure that they're on untreated grass that hasn't been frequented by other animals.

05-18-14, 05:56 pm
I've heard bad things about over-the-counter flea meds. It's not necessary to use parasite preventative on pigs since being indoors, they shouldn't have much exposure to any parasites (given animals that do go outdoors are protected). Guinea pigs rarely get fleas, and since lice and mites are species-specific, they shouldn't be coming in unless they're on another pig.

Nicks Pigs
05-18-14, 06:50 pm
Thank You for your opinions- I will not purchase it.