View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying Got Cuddles spayed last week, just have a couple of questions

05-18-14, 12:16 pm
Hey everyone. To make a long story short, Cuddles, our texel pig, has been losing hair for a while and being pretty promiscuous with the other pigs, and recently we noticed her nipples were pretty huge too. We took her to our usual exotics vet, and she determined that ovarian cysts were the cause, so we took her back in to get spayed this previous Thursday. I'm happy to say everything seems to have gone fine, she was stitched up internally so there's no need to take her back for stitch removal (the scar basically looks like a long smooth seam running along her underside, it's actually kinda cool), and she's been eating, moving and pooping like normal since we got her back home. We've got her isolated in a box with towels for bedding. The vet gave us 5 days worth of SMZ antibiotic to give her twice a day, and Metacam for pain relief once a day, and she's been taking those okay. Her fur is still somewhat thin, and we haven't had a chance to see how she'll act with the other pigs, but her nipples already look pretty normal, i.e. not super huge and there's no crust on them anymore.

Anyway, in the post-care instructions, I noticed it doesn't actually say how long to keep her isolated. The only things I could find on Google mention that you should keep neutered males separate from females for 3 to 4 weeks because there's still a chance of pregnancy, but what about a spayed female with other females? How long before she's healed enough to go home?

05-23-14, 04:06 pm
How is she doing?

The important part after a spay surgery is to keep her movements limited. So no jumping on top of stuff, and a smaller cage area. I used to use a "hospital" cage (basically a small pet store cage) but now I just divide off a part of the cage using grids.

05-23-14, 04:13 pm
Seems like she's healing well! How she doing?

05-23-14, 05:07 pm
My vet recommends a week of separation after abdominal surgery. If they move around too much too soon, they can develop adhesions and hernias, and you don't want that.

But even if you've just separated her in the end of her regular cage, still do full reintroductions. I thought mine wouldn't need it after Flourish's surgery. They're littermates who've never been separated except for the five hours Flourish was gone for surgery. I quarantined her in one end of the cage, and after a week, took the grids out. BIG mistake! They never got into an all-out war, but there was plenty of squabbling and chasing and nosing-off, and I'm just lucky one of them didn't tear into the other.

05-24-14, 01:14 pm
We put her back in with the other two yesterday, and everything seems to be going well. We didn't think about doing reintroductions, but I guess we lucked out. Kwee took a few rides on Cuddles at first, but they seem to have sorted it out by now. Cuddles is acting pretty much normal, running around, standing up for food and stuff. She did mount the other pigs a couple of times, is that something that's likely to continue despite the spaying? Also, what are the odds of her fur growing back in thick and curly? It's still very thin and wispy, though I understand it's only been a week.