View Full Version : Tupperware-my piggies LOVE it!

11-13-02, 11:06 am
Ok, I have found that my piggies love jumping in and out of their tupperware! I use the heavy duty stuff(not gladware or anything like that, the piggies will chew through it). I put about an inch of bedding inside the tupperware so that their waste is absorbed. By now I have my piggies trained, whenever I go near their cage they jump into the tupperware. Then, when I want to take them out of their cage for playtime, cleaning, etc. I can just lift up the tupperware! It works well!

Sweet Sheena
12-10-02, 02:27 pm
My piggies love tupperware too!! I actually have one smaller tupperware bowl that I feed them in. I never thought about giving them a bigger bowl to play with! My two babies will tip the empty food bowl over and take turns crawling in it. Mama doesn't though. She is too darn big. :D