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05-11-14, 02:39 pm
I'm pretty sure these are all the same person. The monkey one just makes me sad :( I hate it when people keep monkeys for pets; they're not pets, they're wild animals and it encourages poaching.






05-11-14, 02:43 pm
Monkeys? Can't say I've heard that one before. There are some wild animals that I can understand people keeping as pets. Monkeys are not one of them. I hate the term "teacup" for dogs, too. It means NOTHING. I've also read that most "micro pigs" don't stay "micro" and people dump them when they get big. These people are so unknowledgeable and irresponsible. I flagged all of the ads.

05-11-14, 03:01 pm
All flagged. There's something about 'purebreed' and 'kennel club' dogs that just make me so angry. An old friend of mine bought a purebreed toy poodle, kennel club certified, from a crufts winning blood line...the pup had a brain haemorrhage and died before he even turned 6 months old. Inbreeding really does just strike a nerve with me. They're beautiful animals regardless of whether or not their great great great gandfather won a dog show.

05-11-14, 04:06 pm
I found more from these people. Just how many animals do they have?? Micro pigs, monkeys, many breeds of dog, several breeds of cats, and many different birds. Sickening. I love how they used the term "Brand-new, top-quality" for their animals -_-











05-11-14, 04:09 pm
http://iowacity.craigslist.org/pet/4464474405.html Here's the one that didn't link in the above ^

05-11-14, 04:10 pm
Omg I hope these people go to hell.

05-11-14, 04:10 pm
With that many animals, they're basically a mill. :/ Flagged all of them.

05-11-14, 04:15 pm
I'm half tempted to call animal control on them. 15 separate ads for separate animals, I can only imagine how terrible of conditions they have :(

05-11-14, 04:24 pm
Is it even legal to breed monkeys? You'd think it would at least be illegal to sell them to anyone who inquires on Craigslist. A lot of the others I could see the law not doing much about, but the monkeys could give you something to work with.

05-11-14, 04:31 pm
I'm going to give them a call tomorrow since animal control is closed on Sundays. I was looking at their web page just now and it said breeders need a license and certain animals require a special permit and an inspection of the home. I'm guessing they probably don't have any kind of permit for the monkeys or micro pigs.

05-11-14, 05:10 pm
It just makes me ill how anyone can view an animal as a product. spudsthepiget you're so on point about the way they call them 'brand new' and 'top quality'...those are the sorts of phrases that describe the latest iPhone, not a monkey or a bird or a dog etc.

The amount of animals they have ads on (and I'm betting there are even more behind the scenes, the ones they use for breeding etc) could also give you something to work with. You need a special permit to have over X number of animals in a civilian residence, and I'd bet money they're well over the limit.

05-11-14, 06:14 pm
Flagged. Every. Single. One. That is way too many. Especially the "brand new" thing. You don't call an animal "brand new". Shoes are brand new. Couches are brand new. Electronics are brand new. Not animals.

05-11-14, 06:27 pm
I seriously doubt they are a mill. Take a look at the pictures. The animals are inside of their home, laying on couches. There are tons of comfortable/expensive animal beds, the puppies are chewing slippers, the food and water bowls are in clear view right on the floor. All of the animals look healthy (beautiful coats - they even make a point of saying how one species of dog have no eye stains, which is common for them), and dear I say happy. If their birds know 100+ words they're not locked away in some cage, in horrible living conditions.

And you have no basis of saying that you would "bet" they have no license for the monkeys/pigs... what would make you assume that? If permits are available, people do have access to them. Another can easily say "I bet they do have a permit", as we honestly do not know either way. It's just not fair to make assumptions about the situation.

Just because you don't personally agree with breeding doesn't make it illegal. Flag away because it's against Craigslist rules to post animals for sale, but from the photos I see no reason to get animal control involved. If you want to call to make sure they have the permits that's one thing, but I seriously doubt they'll get involved beyond that. Breeding may be "morally wrong" to some people, but it's not illegal, and these animals look well cared for.

ETA: And as for the "brand new" point... I say "brand new" when talking about human babies; ie "I have a brand new cousin!". There is no need to get into a huff about word choice.

05-11-14, 06:48 pm
I think we have every right to be in a 'huff' over word choice, all things considered. I can't remember the last time I referred to anything I cared about that was a living being 'top quality'. Plus, you have to view the context. You say 'I have a brand new baby cousin' to a family member, friend, it's in a personal setting. You go online and say 'brand new lamp for sale', you're talking about the lamp in question as a product, in a business setting. Anything advertised online and described as a product is being referred to as such, it's a great deal different than describing something in a personal setting.

They're also selling an animal that is not accustomed to being a pet or domesticated (monkeys) as pets, I doubt anyone who could provide proper care for a monkey is trawling CL looking for one.

The woman who fooled Zombie Queen in to believing she wasn't a breeder and taking Jasmine off her had very healthy looking pigs, they were in a house. Does that mean she was doing nothing wrong? Absolutely not. There are many a situation that can look perfect when you're outside looking in. Those are photo's taken to stir up business, would they really showcase bad living situations if they could avoid it? Again, absolutely not.

05-11-14, 07:34 pm
You can't have over 20 animals living comfortably and adequately in one home. Micro pigs are considered farm animals aren't always legal to keep as pets and I'm pretty sure it can't be legal to breed and sell monkeys. My gut tells me animal control should be involved.

05-11-14, 07:37 pm
These might even be some random pictures on the internet that they could've used. Either way someone needs to call animal control because this is not right.

Zombie Queen
05-12-14, 02:29 pm
I have flagged all that were still up. I didn't see the monkey one...must have been one of the ones taken down. This is absolutely disgusting. Poor babies. :[

As for pictures...yeah, pictures can be taken from the net or staged for the sale.

05-12-14, 04:50 pm
I had to work late today and didn't get around to calling animal control. :( I will definetly give them a call tomorrow. Good work flagging, everyone!

05-13-14, 11:51 am
Animal control has been called, they said they would check it out :)

05-13-14, 01:22 pm
In the state of Iowa with a special license you can have monkeys. However, monkeys are extremely dangerous and very likely to bite off a finger, toe, nose, anything they can bite on. People think they are cute, but thousands of monkeys are dumped each year because stupid people buy them without knowing how dangerous they are. They also can spread some nasty diseases.

Micropigs may be allowed in Iowa City, it all depends on the ordinances. Around here in DSM you can have chickens, but most neighboring towns you can not. There is one suburb that allows goats (don't remember which, but in DSM you can't), and I believe pot bellied pigs. I believe in DSM you can have pot bellied pigs too. You just can not have them for agricultural purposes, but you can with the chickens. Ugh, laws are so crazy.

The unfortunate thing about living in Iowa... most law enforcement don't care. We consistently rate in the top 5 for worst puppy mills states. Last year we were just behind MO, and this year I heard we're 4th.

05-13-14, 02:31 pm
This person is a scammer!! I suspected it because thy say they have a pair of like every animal. So I texted them an said I wanted a macaw. The person says they live in Delaware but would deliver to MN. But I had to pay in full first. Ha yeah right. Ps I wasn't going to buy one just investigating. Keep flagging!!!

05-13-14, 02:54 pm
That makes a lot of sense, @chewyguineapig (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=31384) . That did seem like a ton of animals to come from one place. I hope that's the case and there's no animals involved.

05-13-14, 03:07 pm
ClemmyOddieIndy I've heard before that Iowa is one of the worst places for puppy mills :( It's disgusting. I hate the idea of monkeys being kept as pets; they're not an animal that's been domesticated for thousands of years, they're wild animals :(
chewyguineapig Figures the person is a scammer. Thank you for investigating! It's crazy that someone in Delaware is posting scams on Iowa City Craigslist of all places. I really hope there aren't any animals involved with them, but if they wanted you to pay in full first it sounds like there isn't.

Thank you everyone for flagging! We've got half of those ads taken down already!

05-13-14, 05:25 pm
Your welcome! Keep flagging!! This person should not be stealing money from people!

05-13-14, 05:43 pm
My aunt was sort of a pug breeder. She didn't do it for a living she was a manager at Rent a Center. She only bred them like 4 times that was it. But she really cared for them not like some people who do it for the money. Then after the last litter she got Brad fixed. Sadly both Brad and Prissy passed away like 3 years ago.

Flagged the ones that are still up.

05-18-14, 04:40 pm
Most of them got taken off but keep flagging the other ones!

05-19-14, 10:43 am
I was on Craigslist last night and they haven't reposted any of their ads since these! We've got most of them taken down, just a few more left! Thanks everyone!

05-21-14, 04:43 pm
All exept the second are flagged for removal.