View Full Version : Second level for Midwestern cage?

05-10-14, 05:04 pm
I was wondering if it is possible to make a second level for a Midwestern guinea pig cage since the grids are kinda flimsy. Any ideas?

05-10-14, 09:29 pm
It's possible. @Melissenda and her husband made one using closet maid shelves, which I copied thanks to her generous help.
That is a picture I took. Ignore my dirty shirt sitting on top of the cage....which is obviously a perfect place for it to be. Smh...
My boys were unable to get along in that space, unfortunately, so I ended up taking it down, rearranging my entire living room, and expanding to a 2x5 C&C so I don't have any other pictures.

But yes, it is possible.

05-11-14, 06:58 am
I think I will try that. Thankyou

05-11-14, 01:23 pm
I cut the wire shelves to size using a hand saw and bolt cutters. Plastic caps cover the ends to protect from sharp edges. Zip ties hold it all together.
Lots of work, but sturdy.