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05-09-14, 04:12 pm
Hello all! I am a mom to 2 piggies and I've been lurking here since January when I got my first pig and just finally decided to join and chat. :) A little about me:

I'm a 31 year old, happily married mom of 3 real kids and 7 furbabies (a dog, 4 cats and 2 piggies). My husband bought my first piggie, Oink, for me as a birthday present. About a week later I found this site and learned all the things we were doing wrong!!! Within a few weeks after that we had built her a C&C cage and began our search for a friend for her. We ended up adopting Moo from a friend of my SIL's whose pig had babies unexpectedly.

And of course no introduction is complete without a picture....so here are my girls snuggling with my husband. Moo is the black/tan/white one on the top and Oink is the black & white on the bottom.

I look forward to chatting with you all!

05-09-14, 04:17 pm
Welcome to the forum! Cute piggies!

05-09-14, 04:19 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.

05-09-14, 09:24 pm
Hello and welcome! Oink and Moo are adorable, I love their names!

kraizy randoms
05-09-14, 10:52 pm
Hi and welcome! Glad you made an account. Your piggies are cute

05-10-14, 04:57 pm
SUPER DUPER CUTE PIGS!!! welcome to the forum! P.S. I love Moos color pattern

05-10-14, 05:07 pm
They are adorable. You've given them such great names.