View Full Version : Bonding introducing a baby guinea pig to a 3 year old guinea pig (both males)

Laur Menard
05-06-14, 04:07 pm
i have had my 3 year old male guinea pig for almost 3 years. i just bought a baby male about 3 monthes old. they have been in seperate cages for one day now and already, especially the little one wants to meet each other. im hoping his chirping is a happy chirp and not a threatened chirp. how long before i can introduce them outside of the cages, and how should i do it? i do know they it may not work out and they may not get along, but im really hoping for it to work out. !

i just want to know if im doing it right by seperating them, and if so, for how long do i do that?
and how do i go about fully introducing them?

05-06-14, 04:32 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.

It would depend on where you got him most rescues will already have the quarantine done. If not you will need to quarantine the new pig for 21 days. Then if he seems healthy and has a vet check you can introduce them. Introduce them on neutral ground so they don't feel the need to defend their territory. Since they are boars make sure they have plenty of room. Then place some veggies in the middle for them. Things to watch nose raising, rumble strutting, or even mounting. Don't seperate unless you see blood. Some introduction can take hours so make sure you have plenty of time to dedicate to the introduction process.

I hope this helps.