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05-04-14, 07:28 pm

Just picked up my first guinea pig :) She is a cutie and loves to cuddle! She has two different color ears and a solid black foot it is super cute. :) She is in a 2 X 3.5 C&C cage with fleece liner. I am still making her stuff for her cage but she has a hidey, a cuddly sack food, hay, and water. What type of toys do you think I should get for her. and any ideas on name? 64903

05-04-14, 07:36 pm
She's adorable! The first thing she needs is a same gender companion. As soon as possible, because she looks like a baby and is probably pretty scared being alone.

Also, feed a plain pellet, without any colored bits or seeds in it.

05-04-14, 07:36 pm
She is a cutie! My girls enjoy cardboard things. I have a cardboard tunnel which they devour and I have toilet paper tubes which they also devour. Tunnels are great toys and encourage running laps and popcorning!

05-04-14, 07:39 pm
She's adorable! I like the name Clover, I don't know what type of names you like though. For toys my pigs aren't big fans but they've played with a little ball with a bell in it before:)

05-04-14, 07:51 pm
Yea the store only had one female and my kids fell in love with her so as soon as they get another female in they are gonna call me :) It is a local pet store that buys from local breeders.

05-04-14, 08:07 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum, she's adorable! If you don't want a girlie name she looks like a Patches to me.

05-04-14, 08:08 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum. If you get another I would encourage you to adopt you'd really be saving a life.

05-04-14, 08:19 pm
I will look and see if any are needing new homes. Would it be okay to put an adult in the cage with her she is about 11 weeks old?

05-04-14, 08:20 pm
She is so cute. I know it's probably not unique but I like the name Callie.

05-04-14, 08:21 pm
Usually you have to do a quarantine period. But a shelter would have already done that. Then you will need to do an introduction in a neutral place. Guinea pigs are territorial creatures so you can't just put a new pig in the cage.

05-04-14, 08:29 pm
Oh a good place to go is petfinder, or guinea pig zone there are alot of pigs in shelters that need homes.

05-04-14, 09:05 pm
I will check them out thank you :)

05-04-14, 09:05 pm
baconfamily, read www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm (the introductions section is about halfway down) and http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html before you put the two pigs together.

05-04-14, 09:11 pm
So cute! My pigs love tunnels id recommend a cardboard tube as a favorite toy

05-04-14, 10:28 pm
Welcome! I like the name Callie for her aswell, thats the first name that popped into my mind when I saw her. About toys, my pigs enjoy cardboard/untreated plain wood they can chew on and they like cardboard boxes and tunnels. They also like towels in their cage to curl up in and they love stools. As for getting another pig, adopt please dont shop. 1 in every 5 momma pigs die delivering and some breeders dont care about that. Theres are hundreds and hundreds of pigs that don't have homes and some petstores dont care about the welfare of pets.

kraizy randoms
05-04-14, 11:14 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum, she is a cutie and I wish you luck on finding her a friend. A good pellet is Oxbow, and I luckily found it in the feed shop in my town. My piggies prefer paper towel rolls cut in half with timothy hay stuffed in over any toys I have bought at the store. I cut along the diagonal line so they don't get their faces stuck in them though.

05-05-14, 08:50 am
Good idea I use them for my hedgehogs too

05-05-14, 06:42 pm
Her name is Callie :) We got a female from a lady that rescues piggies and She got her mother from a lady that had several all together in a pet store cage. She is 9 weeks old. she is also a sweetie but likes to nibble on my fingers not hard. Is that normal? I will post photos after dinner. How long should i keep them separated, the new ones was at the vet and got a full work up and blood work last week and nothing was found.

05-05-14, 06:45 pm
The usually quarantine period is like 21 days. But since she's been to the vet and got a full clean bill of health. You can probably start the introduction process any time. Just make sure your free for a couple hours. I think someone on here their introductions took like 5-7 hours.

05-05-14, 07:21 pm
Here she is :) 6493664937

05-05-14, 07:27 pm
Aww she's really cute she has some unusual markings :)

05-05-14, 07:35 pm
Yea i like her lots to they are both so cute. Now to name the new one :)

05-05-14, 07:38 pm
Both of your piggies are beautiful! Congrats on being a first-time piggy mom/dad; I am still waiting to get my first and I can't wait. Welcome to the forums! Everyone around here is very helpful if you have any questions. :)

05-05-14, 10:27 pm
Oh my goodness, she's so cute!

05-06-14, 09:31 pm
The newest one name is Mae! So we have callie and mae They got to play together with floor time and they already love each other.

kraizy randoms
05-06-14, 10:52 pm
If they had a play date and all went well you can just clean out their cage and remove all scent and they will be ok. Reintroducing causes stress, just do it once :) Glad she got a friend!

05-06-14, 11:03 pm
Yea while they were getting to know each other I changed fleece set up their kitchen and added a fleece forest. Going to be making a hay bag tomorrow.

kraizy randoms
05-06-14, 11:18 pm
OH MY BAD!!! I didn't understand that they were staying together. Having kids, play date means one thing to me. I wish my girls got along during their intro. It wasn't pleasant and we had 2 people cage side at all times for several hours.

05-06-14, 11:22 pm
Well they had a play date to make sure they were gonna get along. Now when I take one out the other freaks out and tries to find her ;). I was surprised that they did not mind each other at all. They played for a few hours and then when they were okay I changed out cage so it was scent free and they now live together happily. Thank you for the help

kraizy randoms
05-06-14, 11:24 pm
Thats awsome! What a great bond already!

05-07-14, 04:31 am
The usually quarantine period is like 21 days. But since she's been to the vet and got a full clean bill of health. You can probably start the introduction process any time. Just make sure your free for a couple hours. I think someone on here their introductions took like 5-7 hours.

Quarantine is meant to see if any dormant illnesses will surface. This is something that a wellness check from a vet will not catch. Quarantine is still necessary for the full 21 days.